CALIBRO 35 – Ogni Riferimento A Persone Esistenti O A Fatti Realmente Accaduti È Puramente Casuale – LP


3eme album des géniaux milanais de Calibro 35, groupe puisant son inspiration dans les bandes originales de films 60’s et 70’s, paru en 2012.

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Record Kicks reissues mythical Calibro 35’s third album « Ogni Riferimento A Persone Esistenti O A Fatti Realmente Accaduti È Puramente Casuale » sampled by Dr Dre in « Compton » on limited edition Gatefold LP and Digital Deluxe Edition.

Completing the trilogy of Calibro 35’s reissues, RK presents « Any Resemblance To Real Persons Or Actual Facts Is Purely Coincidental », the third album by Italian cinematic funk heroes CALIBRO 35, whose title track was sampled by Dr.Dre in « One Shot One Kill » featuring Snoop Dog in his 2015 « Compton » album. After the reprint of the previous two records « Calibro 35 » and « Ritornano Quelli Di (The Return Of) », this third and last reissue will be available on December 4th on a limited edition LP and digitally in a Deluxe Edition version.

The digital Deluxe Edition includes 3 bonus tracks available for the first time on all digital platforms: the band’s original compositions « Ballando In Balera » and « Appuntamento al Contessa » and a cover of Herbie Hancock’s « Deathwish ».

Recorded in Brooklyn in just five days, with « Any Resemblance » the Milan cult combo, while cultivating its damn-near-perfected cinematic vibes, experiments a more improvisational approach to writing. « Massacre at Dawn » comes straight from afro-funk territory, an homage to Brooklyn heroes Budos Band and Menahan Street Band. « Rain On Concrete » instead sounds like a French soundtrack composed some decades ago by Francis Lai or Jean Claude Vannier. There is also a more globally-inspired flavour to several tracks on the album: from the Indian vibe of the sitar-injected « New Dehli Deli, » to the streets of San Francisco with the heavy weight of the clavinet on « Thank You and Good Bye, » to the high impact horn riffs of Detroit’s Motown Studio sound on « The BBQ Band » and « The Package », and then back again to Italy for retro-scat vocals on « Uh Ah Brrr », reminiscent of the best of Ennio Morrione’s and Piero Umiliani’s compositions from the 60s. Just like the previously reprinted « Calibro 35 » and « The Return Of », 2012 « Any Remblance » LP is highly sought-after by collectors and soundtrack aficionados worldwide and by popular demand a reissue sees the light of day on a limited edition Gatefold LP that includes digital download of the bonus tracks.

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